Today… I am talking all about my FAVORITE items at Trader Joe’s….this list is an ongoing list….because it seems like every week when I go…I find something NEW that I LOVE…..

Since…its FEBRUARY and Valentines is right around the corner…I figure I post what I bought here for Valentines and Tet (Chinese New Year) they even had these cute flowers with the RED ENVELOPE attach to it…all ready for delivery for the Chinese New Year on February 5, 2019…year of the PIG!!

I got these cute Tulip for $8.99 to give for Tet (Chinese New Year)

These chocolate mousse was so yummy…perfect for Valentines

I got these cute little roses for my girls room

These are READY to go for Tet (Chinese New Year) they have the red envelope attach…just GRAB and GO!! TJ also has the BEST WINE selection for a really good price!!

Stable at all my parties…these are so good and the price will not break the bank for when you are having a huge CROWD.

My FAVORITE spices…I ran out of the EVERYTHING BAGEL seasoning…or else I would have added it to this pile too 😉

Every MORNING this has been my breakfast. I love the onion bagel with THIS CREAM CHEESE!!
This is so good if you want to make curry chicken. What I do is I actually use these 2 to make my coconut curry meatball…ADD: 1 bag of the party meatball from TJ and 1 can of coconut milk or cream (if you like it thicker) and 3/4 bottle of the thai yellow curry.
I buy 2 bags of these meatball every WEEK..these are a staple in my house. I use them to make my kids sweet meatball sub or coconut curry meatball

I have 2 boxes of these in my freezer at all times!! I stick them in my AIRFRYER for about 8 minutes at 300 degree and they are perfect!! Great for AFTER SCHOOL SNACK

I buy the TJ pizza dough from the refrigerator section (THEY ARE THE BEST) sorry I don’t have a picture. And I use this sauce

These are on repeat for my kids LUNCH every week. I would pan fry them and serve with PONZU sauce or I would make a soup and use these as potsticker as DUMPLING!!

I use this half & half for my coffee and alfredo sauce. I pack this juice in my kids lunch every day. I just pour it in their thermos

I love this olive oil and they come with a SPROUT!!

I always have this in my freezer. My kids would eat this as an after school snack. Its delicious and very flavorful.

I love how they have COCONUT oil in a spray bottle and the little coconut packet. I LOVE it for when I am traveling. I use coconut oil on my face and body (as a body lotion). I also use it when I am on vacation and cooking…these packets are the BEST!!!

If I am making HOTDOGS and need some quick CHILI this is the ONLY CAN chili I would buy..they even have chicken chili also.

My salad dressing <3 love love love

Ethan LOVES this butter with his bread

CAN NOT say ENOUGH about this!! SUPER yummmmmy

During the LENT season…I buy box and box of this!! Its so easy to make and FRY. I just spray a little coconut oil from TJ and stick in my airfryer. You can also put it in the oven also.

So…this wrap up my weeks shopping at Trader Joe’s…until next week!!! These are JUST SOME of my loot this week!! Happy SHOPPING!!

****I love their cheese sections too….my girls love the salami there and different cheeses….I just didn’t pick up any this trip. I used to buy the chicken pate but its seasonal and DON’t have any this time of year ;( but I buy those all the time too when they are in stock.

They also have an AMAZING fruit and vegetable sections…I BUY the majority of my fruits and vegetables from Trader Joe’s.

If you have other items that you LOVE please leave me a comment of your favorites at Trader Joe’s!! I would LOVE to try other items.

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