Whenever its one of my kids BIRTHDAY we usually let them pick a restaurant that they want to go. For my son’s birthday he wanted to go eat a BURGER place and since they just opened up a new burger place by our house ….we decided to give it a try. We would have venture out more but since its a school night we wanted to go somewhere close.  Three B’s Burger and Wine Bar was PACKED when we got there…we got there around 7:30 pm. They have HAPPY HOUR from 11:00 am-6:30 pm EVERY DAY!!!! The place is very nice inside…and its not too loud. They have TV all around and they had a some type of sports on. As we were sitting there, the manager came by 2x to ask us if everything was ok and etc. When we left …they both helped to clean up our table.

Three B’s Burger and Wine Bar is located on 911 Harrison Ave, New Orleans, LA 70124. The burgers were good and wasn’t over priced. My kids LOVE the parmesan fries. My grapefruit martini was delish!! Our overall experiences was very good. The waitress was super helpful and nice. We will definitely be back…especially for HAPPY HOUR 😉


Grapefruit Martini


Parmesan cheese fries …this is so good


Suzie Q..this was so good


Three B


South Burger


natural cut fries


Cherry Pepper hot sauce ..which was not spicy at all


Kids Menu was for $9.00 but it included the burger, fries, drink, and SUNDAE!!!

Little B Burger with American cheese, ketchup and FRIES


The sundae that is included in the little B menu (Kids Menu)


my lil guy’s VANILLA SHAKE

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