Usually on the weekends I don’t cook and we usually go out or have take outs. Last time I went to Surrey’s was back in December 2016. When we went my husband didn’t go with us….so we decided to take him here today. We went during the LUNCH so we knew that there would be a wait…our wait was 45 minutes. But when we left around 2:30pm…there was no one in line and they had about 2 open tables.

Surrey’s has 2 location..both are located on Magazine St. in New Orleans, LA. They open 7 days a week but only from 8:00am-3:00pm. I guess that is why when we left on Saturday at 2:30 pm..there wasn’t a line. The first Surrey is called Surrey’s Cafe & Juice Bar located at 1418 Magazine St…where as the newer one is called Surrey’s Uptown located 4807 Magazine, New Orleans LA ..they both serve the same food and from what the waiter told me..the first location is smaller. Honestly…they are both small to me LOL. We went to the Surrey’s Uptown location on this trip.

They have these CUTE  little wall art…that you can buy. My nephew and sister-in-law bought some. It is made by some local artist. Its super cute!!! It is these little duplex &  triplex homes in New Orleans. You would see these little houses in New Orleans.




What we ordered:

I ordered the Crab Meat Omelette..stuffed with avocado and brie cheese. Its topped with creamy lump crab. I had it with a  buttermilk biscuit which are made from scratch for $13.50.


My son ordered the Shrimp and Grits.. peeled medium size BBQ shrimp over a bowl of white creamy grits. They also had bacon bits, green onions as a  garnish and some French bread croutons on the side for $13.75.

My daughter got the Banana Pancake…its this HUGE PANCAKE that has banana in the batter and you can choose to have peanut butter, cream cheese or pecan inside. We decided on pecan ….this HUGE PANCAKE was $7.50!!!


Just to show how BIG this pancake is…….


My other daughter got the Breakfast Sandwich on a Croissant for $9.50. You get to 2 eggs (any style you like) melted with cheddar and choice of bacon, sausage, or ham. She got scramble eggs with bacon.

My other daughter got the Breakfast Sandwich too but she got 2 sunny side up eggs with bacon but on a Homemade Biscuit…this one was only $7.50.

We also ordered the soup of the day and it was the tomato basil…for $5.50. I have to say that this was kinda disappointing…because it was too too thick and very salty. I actually went home and added more chicken broth (low sodium). You can tell by the picture just how THICK it was…

Overall, even with the flop in the tomato basil soup…everything else is DELICIOUS!!! A must place to eat if you ever visit New Orleans.


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