For the past couple of years I have been looking and searching for ways to get these gunk that is caked on my stove top and on the sides of the burner top. I have tried soaking them in baking soda and vinegar overnight, spraying it with easy off and let it sit, and all sorts of harsh cleaning products. I even went to the extend of scrubbing it with a harsh scrubber. Tonight, after dinner I was cleaning my stove and decided to try something new. I took a little steak knife and started to scrape a little section at the end of my stove…I spray a little of the Method Heavy Duty Degreaser (the picture doesn’t show the right bottle because I had dropped the original bottle and broke the nozzle on the Method bottle so I had to put it in my Mrs Meyer’s bottle…sorry) and notice that the stuck on gunk came right off…without scraping the coating of the stove top. So then I took the whole top off of 2 of my burners and started working on all 4 sides and the top of the stove. I only took picture of the sides because that was where you will see the most build-up.

This is the build up of gunk


You can see the build up being scraped off.




It does take a little elbow grease but now I have a stove that looks brand new and SHINY again.

NOTE: You can see all the build up from the towel underneath.

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