On Saturday we went to Stoller Family Estate vineyard.  Their transportation was booked up so we had to get another form of transportation up to the vineyard. The ride up there was not very pleasant…I got so sick from the ride. We came up in 3 different vans…I don’t think the transportation was provided by the winery but by a 3rd party company. Because our driver told us that his brother was asking him to help him out on this day because we had 14 people.  The van was very old and the drive was NOT SMOOTH AT ALL. If you do decide to go…get an UBER DRIVER 😉

The VINEYARD was names the Best Tasting Room in the Nation by USA Today in 2018. Their wine runs from $28.00 for their Chardonnay and Pinot Noir  and some Rose to $35.00 for their Riesling to $130.00 for the Pinot Noir Rose 3L. Some of their Chardonnay runs up to $65.00.  Out of all the wine we tasted …I LOVE the Legacy  RESERVE Pinot Noir the MOST which is $135.00 a bottle. This vineyard was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. Even though we didn’t take the tour but just by sitting there and walking around a little…the place was beautiful. It doesn’t look as BIG as those in Napa Valley.

We ordered some charcuterie board and sandwiches.. I have to admit…everything we ordered was DELICIOUS!!! The menu wasn’t BIG but what they did offer was delicious. Not to heavy and just the right amount to pair with the different wines.

The whole experiences took us less than 4 hours…thats counting the drive up and back. We could have stayed longer and enjoy the view and just relax but we were done with the tasting in less than 2 hours.

If you are ever in Portland Oregon….you should definitely visit Stoller Family Estate. I know that Portland has a few vineyard.


In the middle of the winery …in the back is where the vineyard is


The sandwich and charcuterie board


The display of the different wine


Their reserve pinot noir


The different sandwiches that they offer …cost additional




The charcuterie board that was offer there…different variety of cheese and meats


Cheese and meat charcuterie board


The gorgeous view from our tasting area


One of the area where you sit inside for wine tasting


 And that’s a wrap for our Saturday in Portland Oregon.

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