Tomorrow my lil gal has snack day and usually I like to make something that corresponding to the letter that they are on for the week…but since we are so close to HALLOWEEN and this year…they aren’t having a party. I wanted to do something fun for them. I didn’t want to make something that I already made..I wanted to make something that they can guess what it is…and I think BATS and CATS are the perfect little animal that they can have fun with. BATS and CATS rhyme and it has something to do with HALLOWEEN.




Chocolate cover mini donuts
Chocolate frosting (the glue)
Small Edible eyes
Candy Corn
Small round sprinkles
Mini thin OREO




Add a dab of frosting to the back of  the small edible eyes (I just dip the back of the eyes in the frosting and stick them on). If the eyes are too small to handle…take a pair of CLEAN tweezer and pick them up with that.

Separate the mini thin OREO cookies in half…using a knife and scraping off the any cream that is stuck on the mini OREO cookies. Next, using a sharp knife…CUT the mini thin OREO cookie into half. (I cut into the mini OREO cookies…don’t chop because it will beak…taking a sharp knife…go back and forth like you are slicing into it…this way…it cuts the mini OREO cookies without breaking/crumbling it). Stick the half into 1 side (wing) of the donut…then stick the other half into the other side (wing) of the donut.

WAAALAAAA!!! You got a BAT!!

NOW to make the CAT...you dab a little frosting to the top (more toward the side)  of the donut and add in 1 candy corn to make the ear of the cat…then repeat and make the other ear. Next, dab a little chocolate frosting  to each edible eyes and stick it on the donut. Then place a little dab on the round candy sprinkle and place it below the eyes but in the center of the eyes…for the CAT’S nose.

NOW you have a BAT and a CAT!!!





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