This recipe is so EASY yet so yummy…you can use this recipe as your BASE for when you want buffalo wings, garlic wings…etc. I would wipe up a HUGE BATCH of these ….and the kids can just eat it how they like. I keep mine plain like this ….but I just add in some chopped green onions and sliced JALAPENO over the top and eat it with a HUGE BOWL of JASMINE RICE.



4 pounds of chicken wings ( I buy the wings already cut into sections)

4 teaspoon salt or seasoning salt

3 teaspoon black pepper

3 teaspoon garlic powder

1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper

 vegetable OIL (frying)



Remember to wash each piece of chicken wing…and pat it DRY!!

In a large BOWL or container…place the  chicken wings in the BOWL. Now, season the chicken wings…making sure every wing is well coated. Place the season wings in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour…if you can leave it over night…it would be even better.

Pour some oil in a deep fryer …if you don’t have a deep fryer..then pour some oil in a deep pot….not a SKILLET. You don’t want the oil to splash everywhere in a SKILLET. I usually pour enough oil to cover the chicken wings…so about 2 inches in depth.  Turn the heat to medium. You want to keep the oil at 350-375 degree F. Using a pair of tongs…you want to add the chicken wings into the HOT OIL gently. The OIL temperature will drop when you add in the add them in slowly. Making sure not to OVER CROWDED the POT.  Flip the wings occasionally UNTIL the wings are a NICE GOLDEN BROWN color….usually about 8-10 minutes. Now,  remove the chicken wings and place it on a plate with some paper towel to catch the excess oil. You can toss with a SAUCE to your liking or just do like I do…add in some jalapeno and green onions…enjoy it with a BIG BOWL of JASMINE RICE. If yo prefer it with a sauce…remember to toss it when it is HOT!! Serve the wings up with some carrot and celery STICKS….dip it with some creamy RANCH dressing!!


I garnish it with some sliced jalapeno and chopped green onions.


**** I LOVE my salt and pepper wings with some HEAT…so I would cut up 1 small jalapeno and 1 stalk of green onion…put it in a little microwaveable bowl with 1 TABLESPOON of oil…microwave for 1 minute. Then garnish the top of the wings with this mixture. THIS IS STRICTLY optional. I had separated my wings into 2 different portions…my kids like to eat theirs with BBQ sauce, garlic parmesan sauce or buffalo sauce.



I usually make EXTRA so the kids can have it for school lunch.



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