I wanted to share with you some of my FAVORITE AMAZON HAUL that I have been LOVING!!! I will talk about what I have been PRIMING!! I don’t like to go shopping during the summer because it is so HOT outside and my kids don’t like to leave the house much neither…so I basically order everything from AMAZON!! RIght before my DISNEY trip…  I needed a few items and once again AMAZON came through for me. I ordered these handheld fan for the kids…we been testing them out and they are amazing!! They also come with a charger similar to an iphone charger so you can use your power charger when you are out and about!! You can ORDER IT HERE



Another ITEM that I LOVE and been using are these PHONE protector when you are in the water. I got a few last year when we went camping and to the water parks. They are amazing!! You can text and take pictures when the phone is in the pouch. You can GET THESE HERE 


My lil guy needed some rash guard shirt and some swimmer TRUNK and I got him some from AMAZON and they are amazing!!! He is at the age where he doesn’t want any design or prints on his swim trunk…like the DISNEY characters that I used to get for him when he was a toddler hahaha  Anyhow I got him these and he LOVES them!!! I love how they fit and the colors and style is GREAT!!! You can get the RASH GUARD SHIRTS HERE.


The swim TRUNKS are HERE


I also PRIME myself some RASH GUARD also and I LOVE THEM!!! They are better than the ones that I got from expensive DEPARTMENT STORES!! I LOVE them so much …I ordered 5 of them!!! You can click HERE to see what I got.  I also got a pair of shoes for DISNEY …since I don’t think I want to wear my tennis shoes with SOCKS for 9 days straight…so I go these shoes to wear in DISNEY…I HAVE TO SAY that I BEEN wearing them EVERYDAY since I got them and LOVE THEM!! If you are looking for a GREAT pair of shoes to wear…that is COMFORTABLE and STYLISH you need to CLICK HERE

You will see these on me in my DISNEY pictures this week!! 😉



I also been PRIMING alot of my cooking ingredients!! I ordered these SALT after Toni from “A Bowl Full of Lemon” talked about them so much!! I love them!! You can ordered them HERE. A little goes a long way.


Packing for 4 kids can be such a HASSLE but with these packing cubes…they MAKE MY LIFE 100x times easier and my KIDS LOVE them too!! They all pack their own suitcase and they pack them in their own cubes of what they like in each…I LOVE how this teach them organization. They know how to separate which type of clothes they want in each cube and what WORKS for them. When we are on vacation now…they get their own clothes and when we are about to leave …they repack them into what is clean and what is DIRTY clothes. So when we get home..they just give me all their dirty clothes and PICK up what is clean. Plus it makes the suitcase looks so much neater. You can CLICK HERE to get the ones that we HAVE.


my 6yr old suitcase…she packs them all in herself


my 9yr old. All her stuff is neatly packed in each cube.


My suitcase




With Christmas shopping approaching…I have to admit..I have been doing a lot of shopping online..and USUALLY my go to place to shop is AMAZON…especially fo all of my OUT OF TOWN peeps 😉 




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