A few months ago..we were thinking of something to do for my sisters 50th BIRTHDAY!! So we all threw out some suggestions and I have heard of Portland, OR for all the beautiful WATERFALL and some outdoor things to do. I didn’t want to go to Vegas or New York because I have been there before. So, I was SUPER HAPPY and EXCITED when we all agree on Portland Oregon!! And so the PLANNING BEGAN!! Thank goodness for one of my niece..she made all the reservations and planned all the outing for this trip!!

We stayed at The Canopy Hilton at Pearl District. The hotel we stayed at was wonderful. The people at the front desk was very accommodating to us. When we checked in…I asked the gentlemen if we can have adjoining rooms and he found us one. The decor around the hotel was very hype and beautiful. This wall art of the stove burner was on the first floor ..right when the elevator doors open. So, every time we got off the elevator we were greeted with this wall art.

The hotel had some sort of function every day..the day we arrived they had HAPPY HOUR from 4:00-6:00 pm then wine tasting from 6:00-7:00 pm. They always have a small crowd in the dining/bar area. They had this HUGE window panel door on one side of the hotel that opens up to the whole street view. It was awesome during the day and evening because the weather was just right to be sitting outside.



Our hotel wall arts


They have a water and ice station in each hallway …so all we had to do was bring a water bottle and fill it up


Our bathroom sink area of our room 


2 shower head


The bed was so comfy


Double beds in our room…our rooms were connected to one of my other niece rooms..it was great because we just left our doors open and we went back and forth


In the MORNING the hotel would have a breakfast buffet where you can buy for $15.95 

The fruit area


The frittata and muffins area


Berries and yogurt area


close up of the hot food area



We landed around 2:00 pm and we hit the streets running!! We checked in…DROPPED ALL our bags and walked the streets of Pearl District. We grabbed a cup of coffee at Stumptown Coffee and then headed for a quick bite at Bamboo Sushi. The weather was awesome so we grabbed a table outside.







After LUNCH we walked around to see what else there was around Pearl District…we saw lots of food trucks 


They had lots of food truck


Food truck area


That evening we had dinner reservation at Mother’s Bistro. I had the COD which is excellent!!! The place was very beautiful. It wasn’t in the best part of town though. We had walked from our Hotel to the restaurant and had pass some area that was kinda scary.

Our TABLE at Mother’s Bistro


The menu was HUGE!!! Mother’s has a lot of comfort food. EX: chicken n dumplings, chicken pot pie etc


The bread and biscuit at Mother’s


I ordered the COD which was the special…I think this was the only thing that was good from the menu


The drinks at Mothers was ok


Fried Calamari




Salad from Mothers


As we were walking around Pearl District..we notice that they had lots of homeless laying around..but NEVER once did any of them approached us for money or anything. They just really kept to themselves. The streets were so CLEAN even in the part of town that we walked pass that our UBER driver told us to be careful walking around. He told us don’t walk around China Town at night..you can walk around in the daytime.

I also notice many of the Portland people didn’t dress up much..they wore very comfy clothing. I didn’t see anyone throughout our trip that was dressed up in heels or anything special at night. Many of them wore tights/leggings or jeans with booties or riding boots. Some of the ladies wore sundresses. Our driver for our tour wore a plaided shirt 😉

We COULD NOT have asked for a more PERFECT WEATHER for this weekend!!!! The forecasted said it was gonna rain for 2 days and we didn’t get a drop at ALL!!!

And that’s a WRAP for Day 1 of Portland Oregon. Tomorrow we head to the GORGE and try to HIT as many WATERFALL as possible!!



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