Mother’s DAY is fast approaching and if you DON’T know what to get for ALL YOUR MOMS out there…I put together a little GIFT GUIDE that might be a little helpful for you this year. These are some of the ITEMS that I am loving right now. Everything that I am posting …I have and absolutely LOVE and USE !!! I am pretty sure there are many many other things that you can get for your mom !!











I love this ECHO SHOW….I wish someone would give me another one so I can keep upstairs in my MASTERBED ROOM.






****This is the one that I have


 This one has GREAT REVIEWS


I just got this in a few weeks ago and LOVE it so far….CLICK HERE for the LINK


I had this straightener but when I went on vacation…I dropped it and it crack and stop working…so I been using my old one…but this one is GREAT!! CLICK HERE



I am currently using this one …HERE



HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the moms out there…I hope you guys can sit back and ENJOY the day with your family and LOVE ONES!! <3



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