I don’t know about you…but I LOVE FALL…and when October hits…I get my house ready….I  start baking and making everything PUMPKIN or related to HALLOWEEN. I love when the leaves changed color and the weather is cooler. Actually, I love the scarf and boot weather. The smell of the pumpkin spices!!! I start burning all my “FALL” scent candles. I even start using my “FALL” dish soaps and hand soaps. LOL

Today I am making MONSTER MASH…these are great as a take along snacks or you can bag them up and give them as treats. You can add whatever you like…if you are allergic to nuts…then take them out and add other candies or cereals that you like. You can even add a mixture of different chocolates…white or milk chocolate….even caramel drizzle.


1 bag (8 oz) white chocolate chips
2 C rice Chex mix
2 C corn Chex mix
2 C wheat Chex mix
1 C candy corn mix
1 1/2 C dry roasted, salted peanuts
1 C Reeces Pieces
1 C M&M (orange, yellow and brown) mixture of peanut and plain
2 C pretzels
1/4 C HALLOWEEN  sprinkle


Place all the Chex mix and pretzels in a large bowl. The largest you have.  Pour peanuts, candy corn, M&M and Reeces pieces on top.

In a microwaveable bowl and pour the white chocolate chips and  melt according to package directions. I microwave for 1 minute then take out and stir until it’s all melted. If it isn’t ready…microwave for another 30 second. Stir then  pour over Chex/pretzels mixture. Stir until everything is well coated and then spread out onto a BAKING PAN lined with waxed paper, parchment, or foil. Let sit until completely dry and then break up into clumps.

***you can use any type of cereals that you like…you can also use PLAIN popcorn (not buttered)




Spread out on a baking pan


Melted white chocolate


Letting it cool


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