Usually I would GROCERY SHOP on Sunday after we go to mass and eat but since yesterday was Mother’s Day…I stayed home and enjoyed my day with the kids instead…PLUS, I knew that I would be off today and HAD to do a BIG GROCERY haul for my Kindergarden party tomorrow. So, I decided to kill 2 bird with 1 stone haha.

I went to Trader Joe’s on Saturday to pick up some FLOWERS for all my kids GODMOTHER so I picked up a few items when I was there. Usually the same staple that I always get from TJ…the meatballs, pizza dough, pot stickers, and their FLOWERS. I love the turkey meatball and the mini party meatballs….you will always see these in my freezer. Every week…I would get at least 2-3 bags of them and keep it in my freezers for those quick and easy after school snacks.



Most of my meals this week will be in the oven on these SILVER baking trays or FOILED wrap baking pan that my husband or myself can just toss out after DINNER. Clean up will be easy and NO MESS. With the end of the school year wrapping up for us…every SINGLE day we have something going on. So, this week my meal plan is very easy meals that I can cook and can be warmed up easily. I also made them to where my protein can be use in multiply dishes. Like my char sui pork can be used in 2 recipes this week. It can also be eaten by itself with some saute green beans.

Sam’s Haul on protein and veggies





These Char Sui Pork will be for our wonton soups on Monday Night and then on Tuesday …I will use them in my fried rice.


These GREEN BEANS are so delicious.


Beef Short Rib that I marinade in Korean Sauce

Beef short rib…I think we eat this at least once a week. They go so perfectly with a bowl of white rice or even on top of a nice SALAD with some peanut dressing from Trader Joes…my kids even love it with a nice baguette. They love dipping the sauce with the baguette.


Thick cut PORK CHOP….I am gonna vacuum seal these and SOUS VIBE for dinner on Wednesday. Stay TUNE for recipe.







So there you have it…I didn’t get much FRUITS this week…because I am trying to cut back on fruits…in a couple of weeks…I am gonna start on a NEW DIET!!! I will go into more details when the time is near. But we will be eating alot HEALTHIER that is for sure!!! This DIET is gonna be hard for me..because I can’t have any fruits in the first phase…no cheese, no chocolate, co sweets, no CARBS!!! Mainly its a protein and vegetable DIET. But I am determine to do it…since my husband side of the family has a BEAT GOING on LOL haha



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