Every Monday…I usually hit the grocery store in the morning. Once I get home, I would PREP all my veggies and fruits I usually fill my bucket up with cold water and 1 TABLESPOON of apple cider vinegar. I don’t usually wash my blueberries or raspberries, but I do wash my strawberries and lay them all out on a dish towel and let them dry. Next, I take out all my mason jars and get ready to prep my salads and sliced and chopped all my vegetables that I will be using for the week meals. I also cook up my eggs (usually I would boiled 12-18 eggs at once. Then I peel them and separate them into 4 per container…because that is what my husband eats for breakfast with some bacon, or I would use them for our salads.

I don’t meal plan where I would pack 5 of the same meals…what I do is I prep and plan for the whole weeks meal. My family would be bored to death if I made 1 meal and made them eat it for 3-5 days. So what I do is…..I marinate my protein and if I am not gonna eat it within 2 days…I freeze it then the night before I would toss it in the refrigerator so it can thaw out. I usually only marinate 4 protein items and I try to use the same protein for at least 2 days. For example, ground beef…I would make taco on tuesday then spaghetti or lasagna on thursday or friday. That way I only buy 1 huge package and cook it once then separate it out into 2 meals. Seasonings are the same…salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Then all I have to add is the taco seasonings on Tuesday or the marinara sauce, chopped bell pepper, chopped onions etc  for my spaghetti or lasagna.

I peeled and slice all my mango so the kids can just grabbed them and eat it as a snack. I sliced up all my cucumber in wedges so they can dip that in hummus or ranch dressing. I even portion out our hummus and ranch and put them in little containers and put that on top of the mason jar.

Then I would put them all in my refrigerator:

Sliced lemon-for our water and tea that we drink during the week. Also for my Hamachi Kama (Yellowtail collar) that we are having for dinner on wednesday.

Salad in a mason jar is the BEST thing ever!!! I place the protein and dressing  container on top of each mason jar so all my husband has to do is grab it and go. I sometimes put the dressing on the bottom of the mason jar and build up my salads from there but my husband likes his dressings separate.

My extra salads are in my OXO GreenSaver.


Bo Luc Lac (Shaking Beef) : 

I marinate the beef and used the red onions that I already chopped and have all the other items that I am gonna use for my Bo Luc Lac (shaking beef).

Tomato, cucumber, and red onions already cut up. My lettuces are already washed…so all I have to do is cook up my beef…which takes less than 30 minutes for my dinner. Prepping and PLANNING will cut down on daily meals everyday.


Hamachi Kama

I got these yellowtail collar at my local Asian Market in the freezer section. I got 6 pieces for around $26.00.

Sliced lemon–put into a mason jar
Washed and cleaned my veggies…what I did was just blanch them then shock them in ice them in a container. I reused my water that I to boiled my eggs in.



FRIDAY..what I had left from the Wonton Soup…I used in my Tom Yum soup…I had made enough broth for both days. All I had to add to my Tom Yum soup was  the seasoning in the little container. You purchase it here


I added mushroom, shrimp balls, cuttlefish balls, and beef balls that I got in the freezer section at my local Asian market.  I love my ying yang pot .

BONUS: I made Pandan Sticky RIce

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