Today was a little TIRESOME…I woke up early and packed up for what I knew would be a SUPER long and tiring SATURDAY. My 2 had their championship swim meet today..and they said expect to be there for at least 6 hours!! I knew that I would be there most of the day because my lil guy was swimming in 4 events. My 4th grader was swimming in 2 events. So, I woke up early to make some sandwiches and pack them some snacks…and drinks. Packed up the little girls iPad and things to do to keep them company for the next 5-6 hours.


my little guy




looking forward to spending 6 hrs


About to swim in his first meet



I came home and CRASH…I was so tired that I took a long nap..woke up and headed out to visit my niece that just had a baby a month ago. She lives like 30-45 minutes away from us. After we visit with them…we headed out to a late DINNER…because I was too too tired to cook…plus we haven’t eaten out as a family in awhile. We headed to Cheesecake Factory..one of our go to restaurant because they have such a HUGE menu that I know …there is something for all of us to enjoy. I usually get the Thai lettuce wrap but this time I opted for something different…I got the fish taco…with green beans and mash potato. The taco was good..but not one of my favorite 😉


I love this bread


Orange chicken


Fish Taco




It was such a LONG and tiring day….Hope NEXT Saturday is more relaxing 😉


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