Gosh…this is by far the easiest WEEKEND I had in such a long time…all I did was lounge around on the sofa or in my bed all day watching HALLMARK movies. I didn’t even COOKED a single meal at all. On Saturday …I ate the PHO that I had made on Friday. On Thursday night I knew that the weekend we would have cooler weather so I made a HUGE POT for the weekend. I will post the recipe for my BEEF PHO on another post. I started cooking the pho on THURSDAY night after I came home from Ethan’s open house (high school open house) which was around 8:30 pm..so my pot of pho didn’t really started until about 10:00 pm. I started the pot on a ROLLING boiled then turned the heat to low until the morning. I packed the kids and I… PHO for school lunch. It was the PERFECT day for PHO because it was cold and GLOOMY outside. We came home FRIDAY and just chill out at home all night too. 


Beef and OX pho


My husband watched the college FOOTBALL GAME but I just watched my HALLMARK channel. There were some that I haven’t seen because for the last few weeks…I was watching “Jane the Virgin” so NO HALLMARK movies for this girl hahaha. Trust me though…I think I am about caught up on the NEW MOVIES on HALLMARK hahaha. Saturday night I decided to take the GIRLS out for some BUBBLE TEA…we ended up at SHARETEA. My son was at a friends house. So, it was GIRLS NIGHT OUT…LOL we are such party animals hahaha. We ended up in the POPEYES drive thru line at 10:30 pm. The girls got hungry and POPEYES was open and it was also on the WAY HOME. We had about 4 cars in front of us. I only ordered 1 chicken sandwich…but I ordered the chicken tenders and a BOX of chicken. 


Christmas schedule


Sharetea with my girls


Our LATE dinner


Sunday was laid back too…we went to mass then hit Cheesecake Factory for lunch and then I hit the MALL for some Christmas Shopping. I only needed to stop by 1 major store…Kendra Scott!!! I had a 25% coupon on a FULL PRICE ITEMS so I grabbed all the charms (the ones that was the charity). I wanted to use the 25% coupon for these because they were all under $25.00 and a proceed goes to those certain charity. I only like to use my 50% discount  (those of you that don’t know…you get 50% off an item for your birthday…any birthday…if its a baby …just bring in the birth certificate) on the BIG TICKET ITEMS!!! FYI if you have a MIGNON FAGET ..they also do the 50% discount on 1 item under $300.00 but you have to be 13 years old. After we came home from the mall…I watched more HALLMARK while my husband watched the game.


I love their calamari and the bread


Burgers from Cheesecake Factory


I ordered the sliders from the appetizer because I didn’t wanted all the fries and I wanted the smaller burgers


Kids chicken tenders and French fries


These are my little girls favorite …mini corndogs


After lunch we walked to Kendra Scott to use our 25% coupon



And that’s a wrap for our LAZY weekend…trust me when I say that …I hardly get weekends like this due to all the activities that my kids are in. Also no birthday parties NEITHER 😉 

Guess its the calm before the storm 😉 so I am gonna take advantage of this lazy weekend. 

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend 😉 



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