Whats BEEN going on with us lately??? TOO TOO MUCH!! Today my littlest GRADUATED from Kindergarten …my heart can’t take it ..I no longer have a baby…she is going to first grade ;(

Her ceremony was beautiful and short. They sang a whole bunch of songs …some in Spanish and then they had a little reception afterward where they served donuts and milk and coffee. Very SHORT and SWEET.

She was so excited about her graduation. A few weeks ago…we went to Texas and got her dress ..they had to wear their “Sunday Best” outfit.  Even though I wish that they would wear a cap and gown for their graduation. I wanted to get her a dress that hopefully no other lil girl had. So I got her a dress from a store that we didn’t have her in town. LOL On the big day…I wanted to be able to see her from the group of Kindergarten so I had her wear a BRIGHT PINK headband with a flower on top LOL

We wanted to get her a bouquet of REAL FLOWERS but then my husband thought of a BETTER way to do this!! He used to make BALLOON animals and flowers for the kids when they were younger…so he decided to make her a bouquet of balloon flowers…it was SUCH a HIT!! All of her FRIENDS wanted it and was asking where we got it from. My sweet lil gal …ended up giving all of her FLOWERS away to her friends that was asking her for one 😉






So…onto FIRST GRADE my littlest go!! This momma isn’t ready to see her go to first grade ;(



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