Last Saturday night we had a girl night out with some friends out of town…we went to Josephine Estelle which is located in the ACE Hotel off of Carondelet St in New Orleans. They offer VALET parking which is awesome when you are in downtowns NOLA. The LOBBY leading to the restaurant is beautiful!!! 


Right when you enter the restaurant


This is the other side of the restaurant. When you enter the front door…this is to the right side.

They had a bar area and this particular night they had a DJ…and people were dancing and hanging out. This area was very crowded. We meet some gentlemen outside that said they were going to a company party. 


The food and drinks were ON POINT!!! We had the a great waitress so she really took care of us. 


Meat and cheese charcuterie board


We started out with drinks and a meat/cheese charcuterie  board. Then we just ordered a whole bunch of appetizer and a few entree. 


The capo


Scarlet Sweater (Brian)


Our drinks


JE Fried Chicken


Fried Brussel Sprout Salad




Ravioli, Bucatini


The food was excellent


chocolate ricotta cheesecake and affogate


The food and at the company was amazing!!! It also helps that the wait staff and the ambience was wonderful too!! If you are looking for a great place to eat and the atmosphere is amazing…give Josephine Estelle a TRY!! You won’t be disappointed!!! 




Its ALWAYS nice to take sometime to CATCH UP with your GIRLFRIEND!!! 







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