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I have always had a PASSION for cooking. I am hoping that through my blog I can bring that passion from my kitchen to yours.

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Grill Salmon

I surely wish today was FRIDAY!! Even though this week is a short seems to be DRAGGING by!! I had one of those super busy work week...I think that is why ...this week was DRAGGING!! This week menu planning was SUPER EASY because during our Labor Day...

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Lemongrass Porkchop

Every time I go to a VIETNAMESE restaurant and if I order a RICE plate...its gonna be GRILLED  LEMONGRASS porkchop or grilled LEMONGRASS shrimp. I love everything LEMONGRASS even their candles haha One of the local grocery store that is by my house had a HUGE SALE on...

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My Favorite Products

See what my favorite products are in my daily life!

Disney Like a Pro!

Disney is a favorite vacation for our family. Take a look at some of our experiences and tips