Nguyen is Dinner

I have always had a PASSION for cooking. I am hoping that through my blog I can bring that passion from my kitchen to yours.

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Zucchini Pizza

Zucchini is so abundant at my local grocery store this week I bought like 12 zucchini and wanted to make something different other than saute them or stir fry them. Someone post on instagarm about stuffing mozzarella cheese and putting mini pepperoni on top of a...

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Chicken Lasagna

A few weeks ago when I was making out my rough draft of WEEKLY MEALS...I had PLANNED on making lasagna for dinner tonight...but since we were trying to cut out as much carbs as we can... I decided to try it this way...I DO make another dish that is similar to this...

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Zucchini Beef Enchilada

Since the summer started we have been eating so badly!!  We literally have no MEAL time at all. We eat when we want and what we want. So, we all decided that we needed to get on a healthier EATING  PLAN. I know that I can not CUT out all carbs right I will...

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My Favorite Products

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Disney Like a Pro!

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