This week has been crazy busy for my husband so we met up with him for LUNCH. We had to eat by where he works so we met up at High Hat Cafe on Freret St New Orleans. High Hat Cafe is Southern, Soul Food and BURGERS.

I love the BBQ Shrimp there…I have to say its probably the BEST here. It’s $11.00 on the appetizer menu and $16.50 on lunch menu. They gave us 5 HUGE shrimp with 3 piece of toasted bread. My kids love the sauce so much that they asked for more bread to dip. It was very worth the $11.00.

Then we ordered a BOWL of Chicken & Andouille Gumbo Ya-Ya for $8.00. The cup was $5.00. I have to say the roux was very dark but it was DELICIOUS. They didn’t find that they gave you too much chicken or andouille pieces.

I ordered the SPECIAL which is a soft shell crab on top of a salad…the salad was a blend of edamame, corn, radish, purple onions etc. It was very good. The soft shell crab was fried to perfection ….golden brown and very CRISPY. Very flavorful for $18.00


This was the salad under the soft shell crab.

My husband ordered the High Hat Burger which had the pimento cheese on top for $12.50.

My kids ordered off the CHILDREN’s Menu:

Fried Shrimp $8.00


Fried Catfish with pimento grits $8.00


Mini Burger with fries $7.00


Mini Burger $7.00 with cheese      $1.00 & bacon $1.50 extra


****They do charge you a 20% gratuity for a party of 6 or more even if its kids.

If you are looking for a lunch place to eat …I highly suggest this place. They even have a parking lot across the street .





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