Happy Halloween everyone!! I hope you have LOTS of FUN THINGS UP YOUR ALLEY TODAY!!  This afternoon I am having some people over for a light dinner and then we are off to do some TRICK OR TREATING in our neighborhood. This year I let each kid invite a couple friends over to join us.

EVERY year our neighborhood close off a street and we have a big party…most of the houses leave out a candy bucket outside the door and the kids just walk from house to house. Then after we just hang out in the streets and talk to our neighbors. Last year…some of the homes even had Jell-O shots and a beer KEG. They always have a cotton candy machine and sometimes even a popcorn machine.

Today, my kids got to dressed up at school so they were all so happy!! We don’t have any THEME ..I let them pick out what they want to be and wear.
i have a unicorn, queen of hearts, mad hatter and a mayonnaise LOL 


Queen of hearts …just missing her crown


Queen of Hearts and Unicorn


Had to snap a quick picture at drop off ..life of a teenager lol


I don’t have much pictures this morning because it’s so chaos for us in the morning lol ..we literally alway rush to get out the door on time.  I am just thankful that we get to school on time on NORMAL DAYS much less days like this hahaha AM I THE ONLY ONE??


Our spread …we still missing a few items


Cajun chicken Alfredo pasta


Bake Salmon Dip


Cheese Bread


We ended the evening kinda early because it was so cold outside. We headed back to the house and finished eating and just hanging out. Another successful HALLOWEEN in the books. Now onto Thanksgiving 😉

I hope everyone had a SAFE and FUN Halloween!!

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