Happy FRIDAY!!! Gosh…I wish we had a day off today. Trick or treating on a WEEKDAY sure is tiring hahahaha. I can sure use this day off LOL.  I can’t wait until next year when Halloween is on SATURDAY!!! Woohoooooo!!! I think this year my kids had the BEST TIME!!  I guess having friends over to go trick r treating with is amazing!! I am already planning for NEXT YEAR HALLOWEEN bash.

Here is my FIVE FAVE for this FRIDAY

You know I am always raving about Trader Joe’s…I have to say..that I only found 1 thing that I got that I DID NOT LIKE at all….other than that…everything else I been buying DOES NOT DISAPPOINT!!

For the past couple of weeks I have been buying these toffee PRETZELS and I am still LOVING IT!! If you haven’t tried them…you should definitely GRAB a few bag next time you go.


These pretzels are so addictive


Next, FAVE is this NEW WOK that I got from AMAZON!! If you are looking for a WOK ..grab this one from my Amazon store ..I have been using it almost everyday!!


sauce green beans


This weather is definitely my FAVE weather…I love jackets and coats!! You can check out some items that I have UNDER clothing in my AMAZON shop. 


My ABSOLUTE FAVE is that HALLMARK has been playing CHRISTMAS movies lately and I LOVE me some HALLMARK CHANEL!! 

LAST week I binge watching NETFLEX “Jane the VIRGIN” have you seen it?? OMG…I couldn’t stop watching it!! Once I was done…I ended up rewatching it again hahaha 

Hope you guys had a WONDERFUL FRIDAY!! 


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