Happy FRIDAY!!! Gosh…this week has been such a busy week. I am so HAPPPPPPY its FRIDAY. So…today I have a few of my FRIDAYS FAVORITES for you. I haven’t done one of these in awhile.

My 1st FAVORITE item this week is this STREET TACO from Costco!! OH…MY!! It is delicious and so flavorful!! All I did was microwave the chicken up for about 1 minutes and the tortillas for about 30 seconds. They gave me about 10 tortillas…they were generous with the chicken…because I had about 1 1/2 cup left of chicken after we ate all the tortillas.

I have been looking for some shirts that is long enough and not cost me an arm and leg and I found these…they are the BEST!!! I ended up ordering 2 of these. You can see it HERE!!! I ordered a size M…they fit true to size and has a GREAT LENGTH!! I love the slit on the side!! Its so long enough to cover my behind so when I am wearing some tights or my lululemon pants…I am not worry about my bottom being exposed : )

I also got this shirt in 4 different colors to wear under all of my sweat shirts and sweaters or just wear it by itself!!! I love this shirt…I think I will end up ordering it in EVERY SINGLE color!! LOL

If you have an iphone 8…you NEED to get this charger!! It is life changing!! You will love it!! This WIRELESS CHARGER is awesome!! But if you are running around town or on vacation…then you need to get this POWER CHARGER!! We went to Disneyworld and I charged up all 5 of our iphones with this power charger!! It was a life saver!!

So..there you have it….these are my FRIDAY FAVORITES for this week…you know.. I am always looking for new FAVORITES!!!!

HAVE A great WEEKEND!! Hope you guys are doing something fun outside since its suppose to be a beautiful weekend!!

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