Happy FRIDAY!! I hope you had a GREAT week…recouping from the 4th of JULY weekend!! All we did was eat eat eat…and I LOVE IT!! LOL. We went out of town for a few days and got back on Tuesday….so it made this week super short!!

Now onto what has been OBSESSING about lately ….some of my FAVORITES..

What we been watching…24/7!!!
The Greatest SHOWMAN has been on repeat in this household lately. My kids have belch out these songs all day LONG!! If you haven’t watched it…YOU NEED TO SEE IT!! It’s just a great movie!! We watched it the whole way to Houston, TX and back. GREAT MOVIE!!!

For the past year I haven’t been meal planning and prepping as much as I used too. I guess after both of my parents passing last year…I was just trying to stay afloat and get BY. But at the start of this summer I had vowed to myself that I was gonna get back into the swing of things and get back to ORGANIZING and prepping again….and I have to feels so good so far. So..I wanted to start with prepping the fruits and veggies AGAIN and I have been OBSESS with the Ball WIDE MOUTH MASON JAR!!! I love it for prepping my salads and fruits. I been using the WIDE MOUTH quarts it’s just big enough for one serving. I also love it for that it’s looks so compact and NEAT and it takes up VERTICAL space in my refrigerator. I have been looking for a glass container that is tall enough to hold soups and other liquid food in but most of the glass containers aren’t tall enough. I use these mason jar to store my premade FISH SAUCE(Nuoc Man). I ordered these mason jar by the case. You can also changed out the lid to the white plastic ones or other colors. So it makes it so fun. I am a sucker for fun ways to store to my FOOD.

I been meal prepping and these containers are AWESOME for salads!!! They are the perfect size for a salad for LUNCH or DINNER. What I do is layer them. I love the WIDE MOUTH mason jar. You can also order the different lid!!


If you don’t want the lid that the mason jar comes with…you can order these…I LOVE THESE LID!!! 

A few YEARS ago…I got these salad containers from a TV commercial to keep my salads fresher longer but I found that it still didn’t keep very well and my salads were going bad within 2 days. Even though I prep my salads in the mason jar but I still like to have on hand some to use in my spring rolls or Asian crepe etc. So…I been doing my research to to find something that would hold my “extra” salads a little longer. I found these and so far they been keeping my romaine and mix greens…for a little over a week. These OXO GreenSaver are great because: they have a carbon filter traps which absorbs ethylene gas, slowing down the aging process and reducing spoilage. The elevated colander lifts produce up and away from the container walls to promote airflow from all sides and prevent rotting. And the adjustable vent on top of each Produce Keeper maintains optimum humidity levels for different kinds of produce, keeping them crisp and fresh.

Smaller Greensaver: 

I got the smaller size to hold some of my other veggies and fruits that the kids snack at home. I also love it for my berries. My large one can holds up to 3 whole romaine lettuce bunch. I have 2 of these Greensaver 

Every week I meal prep and I wash my salads and store them in these: They hold up for a good 2 weeks..not that we don’t eat ours within a week but a few months ago. We went on a vacation for over 10 days and before I left..I had some romaine lettuce left and when we got back…they were still good. Which was great because …you know after you get back from vacation…you usually don’t have anything to eat because your refrigerator is usually empty. But I got to eat some ramen noodles with these lettuce because they were still good!!!

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