WOOHOO!!! TGIF…I survived the FIRST FULL WEEK of school for all 4 of my lil ones. What a week this has been ….I think just trying to adjust to this new school year is pretty rough. I am so used to having only 1 school to drop off and pickup…now I have to run from one school to the next…kinda hard for this gal…LOL. Hopefully, I can find a system that works for me……SOON!!!

This week I have some FAVORITES!!! I love this weeks FAVORITE items….

1st item

Have you seen the movie CRAZY RICH ASIAN?? OMG!!! I am loving that movie….I want to go back again to see it….if you haven’t seen it….YOU SHOULD GO!!! Don’t forget to bring TISSUE!!! I LAUGHED and CRIED!!! I think reading the book helps alot…you can buy the book HERE

2nd item

Lately, I have been using my air fryer almost everyday…honestly..I think I use it everyday either to warm up food or fry up something. I love to use my air fryer to warm up my pizza, french fries, and POPEYES biscuits. I have to say…it is one appliance that is my absolute FAVORITE!! This is the one that I HAVE


3rd item

I have been ordering from Grove Collaborative

Right now…if you click on my LINK…HERE you will get 5 free items!!!

I love the  Method heavy duty DEGREASER and the Mrs Meyer’s  CREAM CLEANER!! I use it EVERYDAY!!! If you haven’t tried Mrs Meyer’s or Method products….this is your time to BUY!!! SInce they are offering 5 items for FREE!! Its a GREAT DEAL!! They are giving you a 60 days trial for FREE!!!! If you need some suggestions of what to get….comment below and I can make a list of my FAVORITES!!

4th item

During the summer I did so well from not having to drink coffee EVERYDAY…but ever since school started last week…I been needing my cup of JOE everyday…even if its not in the morning…its during the day. Lately, I been needing my MID-DAY pick me upper…and since its so HOT…I been drinking ICE COLD BREW!! A couple of weeks ago…I discover the COLD BREW from Trader Joe…It is so EASY to make.  Each bag comes with 4 pouch…and you throw one bag into a big jar and fill it with 4 cups of COLD WATER. Then you place it in the refrigerator overnight and the next morning you have COLD BREW. I just add some heavy cream and sweetener…and FILL my CUP WITH ICE. FAST and IT’S SO GOOOD!!! If you have a Trader Joe’s by you…you need to pick these UP!! It is SOLD out alot…so whenever I see them….I would BUY 4-5 bags!!


So..that WRAPS up another FRIDAY FAVORITES!! HAVE a GREAT WEEKEND everyone!! What are you doing this weekend??

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