These little FRANKENSTEIN rice krispie treats are so DARN CUTE and yummy too…I used WHITE CHOCOLATE and just added green food color…what can be better than rice krispie treats covered in white chocolate??? It’s super YUMMY!!! I stuck a treat stick into the bottom of the rice krispie treats make it easier for me to handle when I am dipping it into the chocolate …but I also think its super FUN and EASY for the kids to hold…just so their little fingers don’t turn GREEN if the chocolate starts to melt from them holding onto it. I choose the chocolate sprinkle on top of FRANKENSTEIN head is easier then dipping it again in semi-chocolate.  But if you like, you can melt some semisweet chocolate and dip the top of Frankenstein head instead of using the chocolate sprinkle.  If you are looking for a SUPER EASY TREAT and something delicious…. make these  for the kids during HALLOWEEN!!! They will LOVE you for it!!! Its also fun to make it with them…I let my little girl put those little edible eyeballs on for me 😉

Perfect  snack day treats…for the little ones who still have to bring in snacks to school. If you are like me and if your child has the letter “F” you can make these. Or if they are having a Halloween party at school…these will be a HIT at their party.


Premade rice krispie treats or  12 pieces homemade (cut into 2x3in rectangular size)
2 cup white chocolate morsel or melting wafer (for dipping)
green food coloring 
1/4 cup chocolate sprinkles
 12 popsicle/treat sticks
waxed/parchment paper
 24 small edible eye balls 
black frosting tube

**** yields 12 Frankenstein Rice Krispie Treats





Unwrap your Rice Krispie Treats, or prepare your own homemade and slice them into rectangular shape about 2x3in size. 

Melt the white chocolate melting wafer in a microwaveable bowl for 1 minute.  Add in 6 drops of GREEN FOOD COLOR. Stirring until the chocolate melted and the color is nicely incorporated. 

Taking the treat sticks and sticking it into the bottom center of the rice krispie treats…this will also make it very easy to handle when you are dipping. Next, dip the top of the rice krispie treats into the melted green chocolate..making sure to cover the whole front and the sides and top of the rice krispie treats. Now, sprinkle the top of the Frankenstein head with chocolate sprinkles..and place them onto parchment paper to dry. 

Place two edible  eyes onto each of the treats. 

Taking the black frosting tube…pipe in the mouth. 

Allow chocolate to set completely. You can refrigerator until all the chocolate has set ….NOW HAVE FUN and ENJOY!!! 

Repeat  the process…until all the rice krispie treats are DONE!! 




Before we add the mouth





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