1st day on Disney Dream


We woke up early that morning and headed to Disney Cruise Port Canaveral in Florida. We didn’t have very far to drive because we had spent a few days earlier at Universal Studio in Orlando, Florida. The terminal opens at 11:00 am. What we did was unload our baggages at the drop off so they can check in our bags. A few weeks before we sail..we get a package in the mail with some baggage tag (2 per person) and information on your cruise and some TIPS and our SCHEDULED time.

We checked in with a team member and got our boarding process and waited in the cruise terminal. We waited until our boarding time was called. ONCE we boarded the ship we headed to lunch at the Cabana which was a buffet style. After our lunch we all changed into our bathing suits (we had packed a little bag for the day).


I heard everyone suggested to me to pack a day bag with all our bathing suits, lotion, change of clothes, medicine or whatever you may need until your luggage arrive in our staterooms. Baggage usually arrive a few hours we board the ship. Ours didn’t arrive until around 4:00 pm that evening. Just in time for us to come back and shower and change for our show that evening.

OUR 1st DAY  We just hung out at the pool until our baggage arrived in our stateroom then we showered and got dressed. Since we were waiting on our friends to get ready…we decorated our 2 stateroom doors.


We went to a DVC meeting at 2:30pm. Where they spoke about what was NEW to us DVC member.  They gave us free DRINK of the DAY which they sell for $5.00. It was really nice because we got to meet lots of people and hear some VERY exciting stories. They also gave out TONS of prizes.

After we went to the DVC meeting ….we met up with the rest of the gang on DECK 11 for the SAIL AWAY party.

Then we just hung out at the MICKEY pool area and the kids went on the AQUADUCK

Embarkment Day we have to go to a MANDATORY DRILL MEETiNG which tells us all the rules and regulations that we needed to know. How to put on our life vest and where everything was located.

That evening we watch the show “The Golden Mickey” at 6:15 pm..we had 2nd seating for dinner which was at 8:30pm. Our first night we dine at Royal Palace. Everything was amazing!! What a GREAT 1st day!!

By the time dinner was over it was almost 11:00 pm so we called it a night.

When we got back to our staterooms after dinner we had these on our BEDS!!!

We had 2 staterooms so we got 2. They gave us some chocolate, a welcome letter and the NAVIGATOR for our next day!!





Just a few TIPS:

PASSPORT –need to be up to date.

ITEMS to bring: BIG tumbler (because the fountain cups are small and you will have to make lots of trips back and forth from the soda machine ;), lanyard, water proof phone holder-for when you are at the pool or island, bring those cell phone charging station (because there is only like 2 outlet in the stateroom).You CAN’T bring a power strip these are BAN from the cruise (please read up on what is BAN items).

Bring a BIG tumbler like this to fill at the soda station


Cell phones will not work on the boat – no WIFI…you can buy service but they are SUPER expensive. Once you board they will give you some…but its not MUCH..only enough for 1 text LOL. You should load the Disney Cruise App on your phone well in advance of cruise day, since it has a neat countdown function whenever you turn the APP on, which tells you how many days are left for your cruise. With the app, you will be able to use your smart phones to text each other on the CRUISE, if your family is using smart phones. The stateroom provides you with two phones that are like personal communicators that you can use to converse with each other on board the ship. You can also text each other, but only exclusively on these phones that they provide.


Let your spouse dropped you and your LUGGAGES off at Port Canaveral, then they can go and park in the garage. They will have tenants waiting to check in your luggage. Once your luggage is checked in. You can wait in line to get into the port building that is the Disney Port’s building…we had to line up in the parking garage. Then you will go through security check. Once you are through …if you are a DVC member they will give you a lanyard ;). Then you need to go to the checking counter where you need to show all passport, take a picture and they get scanned and they will print you a PLASTIC card (like a credit card) that will show what time you board,stateroom number,  what seating you have for dining, what restaurant you dine each night and etc. THERE ARE NO WRISTBANDS ON THE CRUISE, EXCEPT…. If you have a child whom you want to enroll in a club (who is under 12 yrs old).


Once you check in..you can sit in the waiting area and wait for your group number to be called for boarding. We used this time to take pictures with Mickey and Minnie. We also looked at the model of the Disney DREAM boat so we know where we were and what was on the ship. Once your group number is announced, you board. Your LAST name is announced as you enter the doorway of the ship and you receive an ovation from CRUISE STAFF.

If you are a DVC member like us…there is also a sales pitch party which is set at about 2:30pm … orientation of sorts for DVC members and they fill you in on the latest news. They also have complimentary ALCOHOLIC beverage.

When we board the ship…we hit the Cabana buffet..they also serve lunch by the pool area. REMEMBER to pack a DAY BAG!! Items to pack: bathing suit, medicines, suntan lotions, swim suit cover ups, hat, sunglasses, BIG TUMBLER etc.


About 4 pm when the boat leaves… have a party on Deck 11 and 12 of the ship. Its the SAIL AWAY party. There is a huge screen in the mid/forward part of the ship, in front of the pools, which also sits above a stage. They cover up the pool to make it a dance floor.


You will need to attend an evacuation drill, where you will be assigned a letter, where you would be expected to assemble in the event of having to leave the ship. It is mandatory to attend this meeting.They will do a demonstrate the actual donning of the LIFE vest.

NAVIGATOR handout:

Become familiar with your navigator handout which tells you what is happening that particular day and what time the shows are showing and what ACTIVITIES are happening on what deck or time. Every night when they turn down your room…they leave you with a navigator for the following day with your animal towel and some little treat.

NOW that is a WRAP for our 1st day!!





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