Day 3 Wednesday (Valentines Day) Castaway Cay and  Pirates Night

Wednesday was Valentines Day and Castaway Cay. We woke up had breakfast and disembark the cruise ship.

                   I had the Eggs Benedict


                          Omelette made to order


When you disembark the ship..they have WIPES (they supply wipes as you are walking into the dining areas and when you disembark the ships) and bug lotion that you can use..they also have towels and ice chest that is filled with 6 or 12 bottles of cold water that you can purchase ($21.00 for 6 bottles or $31.00 for 12 bottles with ice chest).

We went to the far end of the island to Pelican Plunge because this is where they have the water slide and snorkeling. I think most of the people on the ship was at this location because they had many activities for the kids to do. Plus they had lounging chairs and umbrellas for us to lay out. 

We did the water bike for $26.00 for 30 minutes because you have to be 13yrs old to be able to ride by yourself ..if you are under 13 then you will need an adult to bike with you. Many of the activities there you had to be 13 yrs or older to be able to do it by yourself. 

They also have boat rental, jet skis, and parasailing.There is a snorkel rental area right next to the entrance, so you won’t need to bring Snorkeling Equipment with you. Unless you want your own gear.

This island is owned by Disney so you can only go on this island though these Disney Cruise Line. They have staff that lives on this island. Most of the workers on the ship..disembark on this island to serves us on this day. We saw our waiters on this island. I LOVE this Castaway Cay because it’s so CLEAN!! It’s Disney’s private island in Bahamas with beaches, snorkeling, simple water slides, adult  and a few souvenir shops.


They serve BBQ style at Castaway Cay -ribs, hamburger, hot dogs, corn on the cobs, SOFT SERVE ice cream machine, COOKIES,lots of fruits, soda machine (fountain). They serve lunch from 11-2pm.

We had to get back on the ship by 4:30pm then we got ready for our show and pirates night…when we got back to our stateroom they had our pirates bandanna all ready for us…our show was at 6:15 pm which on this night it was Beauty and the Beast!! It was amazing!!! The set was out of this world!! Then we had dinner at 8:15 pm at Animator Palate again. We had shrimp salad, crab cake,shrimp pasta, chocolate mouse and coconut flan.




After we had the pirates night.. where we dress up anything pirate theme. Many of the people on the cruise would go all out!!! We were wearing the bandannas that the cruise supply for us. After dinner we went on Deck 11 (they close off the pool so people can stand)  and watch the fireworks. You can stand on deck 11 or deck 12.

                            TURKEY LEGS


                           POTATO BAR


Disney cruise is the ONLY CRUISE LINE that has fireworks!! When you look out to can see other ships around docking to see the fireworks.  Just like everything..DISNEY does is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!

Then we had more food on deck 11 in the cabana (turkey legs, taco bar, potato bar, nacho bar..and fruits bar ..they made these awesome faces out of melons).
They closed off the pool area and made it into a huge dance floor. Amazing DAY!!!

When we returned back to our stateroom that night we found in Ted’s room this monkey…every night when they turn down our beds..they make us some type of animal and they usually use one of the items that we have..sunglasses or hat
They even set the kids stuffy that they brought from home all nicely organized on their beds.


Since it was Velantine’s Day..they left this is my room with some chocolates and heart shape soaps.


Now that’s DAY 3!!! Tomorrow we will be at SEA

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