For my sister 50th BIRTHDAY DINNER celebration…we went to Departure…which is an elevated restaurant atop of the Meier and Frank Building in Portland Oregon. The outside BAR was beautiful. The inside of the restaurant was absolutely STUNNING!! This Pan Asian restaurant chef is the from Top Chef Gregory Gourdet.   Even though the restaurant and the bar area was amazing…I couldn’t say the same for the FOOD. Personally….I would not go back again!! Honestly, I didn’t like anything that was served that night!! Everything was either too salty…or was just NOT to my taste. I don’t think I was the only person that felt this way. Most of us was saying the same thing. It was a great experience BUT we won’t be returning!!!


The inside of the restaurant…kinda feels like I am walking into the plane LOL


Our set menu for the night


citrus cured shellfish..very ODD tasting…it was COLD


mahogany noodles…with roasted pepper, spinach and garlic


This was the porkbelcy dish…VERY SALTY


Roasted Pacific Snapper


Crispy Pork Belly…which was not crispy at all and VERY SALTY!!


Nuka Zuke carrot roll had asparagus, avocado, potato chip crunches


Koli Brine roast chicken it had mushroom, asparagus, peas, jalapeño, and yuzu


On elf their specialty drinks…honestly..had no alcohol to it at all


Cosmo…very weak be honest most of the drinks that night was very weak


FRONT: Berries and Cream BACK: pineapple upside down cake…both dessert was ok…I won’t be ordering any of this again


Pineapple UPSIDE cake..I have no idea what tis dessert has to do with Asian Fusion







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