In the morning when I wake up…I usually head straight to the BATHROOM and get dress for the day…I never STAY in my PJ even on the weekends or when I DON’T have to be at work. I like to get up and GET DRESS. Then I would WIPE DOWN my sink and put away everything I have used..and toss the dirty towels or rag into the clothes hamper. I would tidy up my sink and BATHROOM. On Fridays, I would squirt a little toilet cleaner into the toilet and give it a quick brush with the toilet wand. Once, I am dress…I would MAKE my bed …MY BED is always MADE.


I wipe down my sink after EVERY USE..morning and night



Here is ANOTHER one that I have in my OTHER BATHROOM …click HERE and HERE


After every use..I always PUT the things back where they belong.



BED is always MADE



Next, I would go downstairs and make the kids lunch if it is a SCHOOL DAY. My kids, 99%, usually get a HOT MEAL for lunch. When their lunch is being warmed up or cooking…I would EMPTY the dishwasher.


While I wait for the kids lunch to be warm up or cooked…I would ALWAYS empty the dishwasher. I run the dishwasher EVERY night after dinner.


Every NIGHT before I go to bed..I would always throw a load into the washer. When I take the clothes from washer to dryer..I alway WIPE DOWN THE DOOR AND RIM..because I have a front loader and don’t want it to mold. I also leave the doors and the soap dispenser open. Then I would grab the load from the dryer (that I put in that morning after I call the kids up at 6:50 am) and throw it on my bed. (When I take it the clothes out the dryer..I alway CLEAN MY FILTER/LINT tray. I hear stories of DRYER causing fire and etc. Takes me less than 20 seconds.) This way …I have to fold it or ELSE I can’t go to sleep. LOL I find this routine works for me daily because when I am sleeping…my washer is running and when I leave in the am…my clothes is getting dried when I am at work. My laundry is done while I am doing something else. Getting 2 things done at the same time. Basically, I DO A LOAD EVERY DAY!!! This routine HELPS me out alot with kids uniform and with 6 people clothes..I am never OVERWHELM with laundry.


I always start a load at night


I would wash my sheets and my sons EVERY OTHER WEEKEND. The rotate the girls room the other weekend. Which means I wash 2 rooms sheets every weekend.  I usually do it on Saturday morning…right when I get up. I would stripe my sheets and pillows right when I get up. Throw it into the washer before I even brush my teeth.





After DINNER, I would rinse all the dishes and stick it in the dishwasher. Then I would wipe down my stove, countertop, and hood. Then I would wipe down my ISLAND ..then sweep or vacuum….then I would WET SWIFTER the kitchen area EVERY night after dinner. Next, I would take my stainless steel cleaner and do a quick wipe on my refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, and front of my stove. Takes me about 5-10 minutes every time. Since I do it almost every night…its not dirty at all. If I am using my OVEN that evening..then after dinner when I am doing my wipe down..I would wipe down the INSIDE of the OVEN. This way the OVEN will not have all that CAKE on mess. My oven still looks BRAND new …just like my microwave. I had my microwave for over 13 years and its still looks very new. I have this plastic cover inside that I would wash EVERY night when I was my dishes. I stick it into the dishwasher every night and in the morning when I am unloading the DISHWASHER….I stick it back into the microwave.

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I use this every night to keep my stainless steel shiny and no lil finger prints


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We eat on the island so every night …I use this granite cleaner to wipe down our island


EVERY night after dinner…we take out the trash.


Every NIGHT after DINNER and after I clean up…I would take out the matter if its half way filled or not. But honestly…it is usually always FILLED 😉


After I clean up from DINNER…when I am ready to go upstairs. I would tidy up my sofa and living room area really quick. Pick up all toys or items that is laying around. Usually, this takes me about 5 minutes…because my kids are pretty good at picking up after themselves now. Usually, its like a few toys from my lil girls. Usually, throughout the day…when I find something that doesn’t belong…I would pick it up right away. If it belongs UPSTAIRS..I would put it on the FIRST STEP of the stairs and the KIDS KNOW that if its theirs…they grab it as they go up to their rooms. I always tell them..NEVER GO UPSTAIRS empty handed LOL. When I am about to head upstairs…I turn on my iROBOT ROOMBA ..this is the BEST THING EVER!! I HAVE 2 OF THESE!!!




Then I head upstairs to get ready to shower…after my shower…I ALWAYS RINSE and SPRAY the shower down with my this shower cleaning from Grove Collaborative. Then I would take my microfiber towel and wipe down the glass doors. Every weekend ..I would spray some RAIN X on the shower door. This helps the water repel off the glass shower doors.  Brush my teeth ..then I would wipe down my around my sink area and my mirrors etc. I usually don’t WET SWIFTER or MOP my bathroom until the weekends. I usually do a QUICK sweep because we ALL HAVE SUCH thick HAIR and since its black…it shows up so well on our floor. I have this little sweeper that I have in my laundry room…that I would grab and do a quick sweep in my bathroom and in all our sleeping area. I only have 2 rooms upstairs with carpet..the REST of my house is mainly wood flooring …so I used this wood floor CLEANER. I have this SET.

After I am done in my bathroom..I would bring my dirty clothes to the laundry room..and this is when I would throw in a LOAD OF LAUNDRY and take out the ones that are from DRYER and dump the LOAD on my bed. FOLD and put away.

I find that if you clean as you along …it helps save so much time that those DEEP CLEANING days…shouldn’t take you as  long and you won’t have to spend ALL DAY or WEEKEND cleaning. On my DEEP CLEANING DAYS..the only things that takes me long is having to wipe down my base boards or ceiling fans or my window shutters. But lately I have been trying to come up with a little routine weekly. I will share my weekly DEEP CLEANING routine in another post.




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