I always wanted to cut down our OWN Christmas Tree…and this year we finally got a chance to. We have a few that are the same distance from where we live but this is the only one that was opened before Thanksgiving Day. All the others don’t open until after Thanksgiving Day…and since this is the only time that my husband can go with us…we choose this particular farm. My only disappointment with this particular farm is that they didn’t have Frazer Fir…but from what the owner of the farm stated is that Fraser Fir only grows in North Carolina so they have them shipped in. They only have Leyland Fir. The only downfall about Leyland Fir is that they don’t hold ornaments well. 

We all hoped into the car after lunch and headed to the farm…they weren’t open until 2:00 pm that day so…we kinda just took our time getting there. The drive was not bad at all…took us about 1 hr and 10 minutes. We got there and they only had about 3 other families there. We hopped on the train and the guy drove us out to the tree area…we looked around and just hung out there so the kids can take pictures and played around. The grounds were a little wet but not too bad. 

Once they told us that we only had Leyland Fir to cut…we decided to cut a small one for the balcony. I have to admit…we had a lot of debate on which tree to cut…I wanted a FAT TREE 😉 Ethan wanted a small tree ..so it was back and forth for a little while…we ALL FINALLY AGREED on the tree that we chopped. We let each of the kids take turned cutting the tree down. It was a good workout LOL 😉 



The sign at the entry way


The rows of tree


Rows of tree


Rows of leyland cypress


My kids had a great time running around


Cutting down our trees


great way to transport the tree back to our car


We ended up cutting down a lil tree ….so I can put it on my balcony and just hang LIGHTS on them. The tree was very affordable…only $36.00. It was a very nice tree. I just wish that I could have put some of my ornaments on It ;(


pulling the tree to the car


Even though we didn’t get the tree that we were hoping to get…we still had an amazing time. The kids really enjoy cutting down the little tree that we did have. I have to admit…it really HARDER than it LOOKS LOL 

My husband was teasing the girl at the front that next time he is bringing a chain saw hahahaha 


ON our way back…we stopped by LOWES and picked up a FRASER FIR for the living room 😉 



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