WOW!!! What a DAY!! I am so glad today is OVER!! Don’t get me wrong…nothing bad happened was just such a SUPER CRAZY busy day. I felt like I couldn’t catch my BREATH!!

I am not sure about you..but when I know that I have a busy day.. I can’t seem to fall asleep and toss and turn all night long..which makes it even worst because now I am a walking zombie LOL

I went to Sam’s this past Saturday and they were sampling STEAK with this Chicago Steak Seasoning ..and Oh My GOODNESS…it was delicious!! I have to’s the easiest steak dinner I have ever made and so flavorful!! I didn’t even have to marinate it for long.  It’s a dry steak seasoning so I used some butter and olive oil when I am grilled it on the stove. You can run some olive oil on the steak then sprinkle the Chicago Seasoning on top….either way is fine.


Steak (we prefer Ribeye or Filet Mignon) but that is strictly preference
Chicago Seasoning
French Onion Butter (for the end)

***they have the garlic butter also…the lady at Sam’s used both



Season each side of the steak with the Chicago Seasoning …about 1/2 teaspoon for each piece. My pieces were very big. Try to work the seasoning into the steak. With it being a dry rub you can cook it right away..or let it marinate in the refrigerator.

If you are cooking the steak indoor.. like I did…I used a cast iron pan. Place a pat if butter and 1 T olive oil into the pan and put the steak in the pan. Leave it alone for a few minutes then turn the steak. I actually cooked my steak around 7 minutes on each side then I would sear all around the steak so it can get a nice golden crust on the outside of the steak. I squally finished the steak off in the oven. I would put a pat of the French Onion Butter on top. Place the OVEN safe pan into the oven @350° for about 5 minutes then turn on the oven to broil for a few seconds. Once you get that nice golden color ..take the pan out the oven and LET THE STEAK REST for a few minutes.


SIDE NOTE: depending on how you like your steak to cook. We like ours medium well so it’s just a little pink inside.

Just remember to use a thermometer to check for the done ness of the steak. Time varies on many factors…the kind of stove you have, gas or electric, outside grill, indoor grill, oven etc.





Once the steak is COOKED…I would lay it on the side so ALL the sides would have that crispy golden crust



Right before I would broil the steak..I would place a scoop of this BUTTER from Sam’s on the top of each piece




I like to serve our steak with many different OPTIONS of sides. My kids love it with either mash potato, pasta dish, bake potato EVEN FRENCH FRIES. I always have to have mine with some type of SALAD.

I ended my crazy MONDAY making snacks for my Kindergarten gal…tomorrow WILL BE her LAST day to have to bring snacks to school. Snack time and NAP TIME stops at Kindergarten 🙁  I actually feel very sad about this because I so enjoy this little activity once a month with my child. I also LOVE the excitement of having them help me pick out something fun to do with them…and seeing the JOY that they get when they are SNACK LEADER 😉


Here is a little glimpse of what I am working on: 




Tomorrow I post the end results of my caterpillar. She is on the letter “Z” and we came up with insect from the Zoo…since here in NOLA we have an INSECTARIUM that is part of our Audubon Zoo.


Hope you have a wonderful TUESDAY!!!



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