Even though our SUMMER started weeks ago!! Today, was just another day for us…swim swim swim…eat eat eat…and movies after movies. I love our LAZY days of summer.

Here is what I have been doing a lot this summer…making LOTS of charcuterie BOARD. I love making charcuterie board because its all in one platter and clean up is AWESOME. Also, there is something for EVERYONE to enjoy on the board.  I have been serving a cheese charcuterie board before dinner this past week and my family LOVES it. I don’t change up my cheeses much…because I know which cheese my family love…so I kinda stick with those same cheese. We all have our favorites in my house. What I always have on my board is the chicken pate from Trader Joe’s. I love it with the brioche that also comes from Trader Joe’s. When I am having guest or a get together…then I would buy a few of the other kinds of cheese…but I usually always stick with some type of  BRIE. I always out lots of fruits on my board. I usually put strawberry, raspberry, PEACH, kiwi, pears, and grapes. Another staple on my cheese board is olives and pickles.

Honestly, you can put whatever YOU LIKE on a BOARD!!!

Here are some of the CHARCUTERIE BOARD we been having lately!!



I love this PATE!! Its chicken liver from Trader Joes


Sandwich charcuterie board


Our breakfast board …beignets


Our hamburger board


Cheese board


taco board


Here are some ideas for what you can use to make an AWESOME CHEESE charcuterie board:

Dried Fruits/Vegetables
Pickle Items



Hope you guys have  HAPPY FIRST DAY of SUMMER!! 




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