Gosh…. it feels so long since I have been on here…I am so SORRY!! I have been trying to play CATCH UP on my organization and planning. The beginning of the year I made some goals to try to be more organize and efficient with my LIFE. I have been trying to organize my pantry and refrigerator to make it EASIER for my family to maneuver when I am not home….since I been working  more. I have declutter my freezer and refrigerator….down to as much as I can. I don’t know about your kids…but my kids have these “mood”. One month it was cheese…then yogurt….then salami …etc. So, in my refrigerator I have so much of these items left…because they have moved on to the NEXT favorite item. This week I needed to finish the eggs and some of the breakfast food that I had bought last week …so on Sunday Night…we had breakfast food for DINNER. Usually we would finish the breakfast food during the week and weekend but this past weekend ……they were treated with DONUTS. Krispy Kreme rewards student with  a glaze donut for  every As ….up to 6 donuts per student. So, this we got 24 donuts on Saturday morning. Which mean we had an extra day of breakfast food that wasn’t eaten….which works out perfect because the kids didn’t have school on Monday and I know they wouldn’t wake up early enough to have breakfast. 


One way to clean out the refrigerator is start by repurposing the food you have in there. Cook BREAKFAST food for DINNER. Or if you have taco meat…then you can make enchiladas or quesadillas. Try to reuse some of the leftovers that you have. 


The beginning of the year has kicked off for me in real estate. I wrote 5 offers…which only 1 went through (insert 🙁 sad face).  I am praying that this year will be BUSIER for me in real estate. 

My GOAL starting in January was to tackle at least one area a day to organize or declutter. So far…I have done my refrigerator, part of my spice cabinet (I am trying to use up what I have), cooking oil, ziploc and foil drawer, and under the master bathroom sink.  My BIG PROJECT is the girls room, under the stairs closet, pantry, and MY CLOSET!!!! Gosh, I feel like …I declutter so much…but they still have lots more the I need to do. I been trying to give myself like 15 minutes decluttering jobs every day. I think as I nibble away a little bit everyday …then MAYBE ONE DAY…I will get to a HAPPIER PLACE hahaha I want to be able to be at that place where ….I dont have to move things around to get to certain items that I need. I also want to be where….when I go grocery shopping…that I dont have to look in my pantry or freezer to see if I have that item or not…I want to be able to BUY EVERYTHING NEW!!! I dont want to have TOO MANY EXTRAS anymore!!! I feel like if I forgot to pick it up at the grocery on my GROCERY DAYS….I can jus turn out to the store and GRAB it. I am pretty tired of WASTING FOOD…from it being EXPIRE. I hate throwing away EXPIRE FOOD!!! I feel like its SUCH A WASTE!!! The main AREA that I have to work ON is my FREEZER!!! I have so much in there…especially items like SHRIMP and LOTS of KIDS FREEZER MEALS!!! I am trying really hard to buy what I need for that week only….so far I have been doing really well in that department…its just we have so much left over from last year items that they bought….pancake, hot pockets, and other quick microwaveable items. 

I will be taking pictures and posting some of my organize area soon. So, STAY TUNE!!

Hope everyone have a HAPPY TUESDAY!!! 


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