Austin is the state capital of Texas. Its many parks and lakes are popular for hiking, biking, swimming and boating. We love visiting Austin, Texas…I have to is my favorite city in Texas..if I had to move to Texas…I would definitely move to Austin. We come to Austin at least 2-3 times a year. My husband sisters lives here so we would visit them a few times a year. If you have never been to Austin Texas…you should go…It’s a VERY nice place to visit.

We started out Saturday morning at New Fortune Chinese Seafood Restaurant located at 10901 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, Texas for some Dim Sum for breakfast before we headed to the Domain for some shopping. The Dim Sum was so good..the place was huge and so MANY different varieties than the other Dim Sum place in Houston, Texas. If you don’t know what Dim Sum is…Dim sum is a style of Chinese cuisine prepared as small bite-sized portions of food served in small steamer baskets or on small plates. This particular restaurant had wait staff that push these carts around. How they charge you is they give you this little clip board and every time you pick an item…they stamp the clipboard…or if you are going up to one of those stand then you bring the clipboard up there with you so they can stamp it.


This particular location also had a little buffet bar..where you go up to the stand and pick out some of the items.

After we ate we went shopping at the Domain..the Domain is an outside shopping center that has more than 100 upscale shops. They have many restaurants and hotels in the Domain also. They also have condos in the Domain. I love going to the Domain to shop and eat. They have a Starbucks, Zara, H&M, and many other stores.

After we went shopping we stopped by Sharetea on 13343 N Hwy 183 Austin, Texas. Their teas range from $4.00-$5.00. They have Hot Milk tea to Crema to Ice Blended to FRESH MILK tea.

I had the wintermelon milk tea with herb jelly and pudding.

After we had our teas we headed over to Garbo’s located at 14735 Bratton Ln, Austin, TX 78728. I have to SAY this is by far the BEST lobster roll I have EVER HAD!! It was so delicious. The restaurant is small but oh so CUTE!! I love the decor and the table setting and etc.



Kids Menu


Maine/mayo, celery and lemon Connecticut/warmed in butter


They served 2 type of lobster roll $14.00 a roll with french fries, Cape Cod kettle chips or side salads (which is a very good portion) but when you buy the 2nd one its only $11.00 (but its just the lobster roll…sides)
Maine style is with mayo, celery and lemon and served COLD
Connecticut is served WARMED in butter (MY FAVORITE) so flavorful!!

Maine Lobster Roll


Connecticut Lobster Roll


SIde Salads–this salad was so good. I was a very garlic caesar salad!! yummy

We started off with some SMALL PLATES:

Clam Chowder $13.00 a BOWL


Fried Calamari $13.00


Lobster Bisque $17.00 BOWL. The BEST lobster BISQUE ever


Maine Crab Cake $13.00


Brussel Sprouts $6.00


*** they had a special that day …which was a 1lb lobster roll (consist of 1 whole lb of lobster meat) for $45.00!!!!

After dinner we went back to my SIL apartment and just watch a movie on Netflix. That night they had a premier of the movie Crazy Rich Asian at the local movie theaters..where you can meet some of the cast members..but we didn’t go because the tickets were $150.00 each.

On Sunday after mass we went to Salt Traders Coastal Cooking…we were gonna go to Jack Allen’s Kitchen but the wait was over 1 hour for their Sunday buffet. The last time we were in Austin we went to Jack Allen’s Kitchen for lunch and it was good. This time we wanted to try the Sunday brunch. Which is $17.99 for adult and $5.99 for kids. SInce the wait was too long…we hopped over to Salt Traders Coastal Cooking instead and I have to tell you…it was AMAZING!!! The DECOR to this place is so nice…they had these great painting on the walls and cute seats outside…


Cute outside seats


My SIL said that it is usually PACK on these HAPPY HOURS nights!!




The kids menu and they get these goldfish in this little pan


a little snack for the dip with spicy chips

THIS WAS my FAVORITE SNAPPER COLLAR and its only $5.00!!!

Snapper Collar $5.00


Hushpuppies $5.00


Ceviche Tostada $5.00. This was so good


Fried Oysters $5.00


$5.00 appetizer


fried oyster lettuce wraps $11.00


Lobster Roll $19.00


Fish of the DAY $26.00


Linguine & clam $19.00


Kids meal..fried shrimp


Kids cheeseburger

What a great ending to an amazing lunch!! This coconut mousse is DELICIOUS!! 

My birthday good..coconut mousse


At the end of our lunch they gave us these cute little HOT hand towels.

Even after this HUGE LUNCH..we headed out for some more bubble tea at Snow Tea located 201 University Oaks, Round Rock, Texas. This place was so FUN..they had so many games for the kids to play and just hang out. The decor was so vibrant and fun!!

Mango Ice Blended with rainbow jelly


Milk Tea with pudding and grass jelly


Shaved Ice with pudding and almond jelly


The FUN games that they had on all the tables


And this wraps up our little trip to Austin Texas. We didn’t get to hit our favorite donut shops …ROUND ROCK donuts located at 106 W Liberty, Round Rock, Texas 78664. You have to go here for your donuts! They are so good…they literally melt in your MOUTH. My husband said they have the BEST KOLACHES!! We usually always get some EVERYTIME we go here!!!

The BUTTERY golden color donuts!!



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