Gosh, we are only half way into the 9 weeks and I am  already READY for SUMMER to START LOL. It’s been such a crazy busy few weeks…I am still playing catch up. I am trying to find a system that will work for my 4 but it seems like when I finally thought I found one…something gets added into the mix.  I guess with the 2 different school pickup and with all these after school activities …I feel like ..I can’t seem to get a routine down. Maybe it’s because of the different schedules in the games and activities. But THANK GOODNESS a couple of the activities are about to end. Just when I thought I was almost set and have it down..it ENDS 😉


Cross Country with this guy every Saturday morning …wake up at 6:00 am then warm up starts at 6:45 am…he usually runs by 8:00 am ..then we head to the swim meet



We get there early because the parking and the sitting area gets filled up so early.



Swim meet with my 2 every Saturday Morning from 8:45 am to about 2:00 pm


I love that my kids are in all these activities but SOMETIMES it can get a little overwhelming especially since its just me that drives them all around. Then I have to add into the mix …my oldest daughter that goes to another school with her school activities..thank goodness…I don’t have to pay for her before and after care.


What have we been EATING around here lately??  Trust me…anything that I can throw in the crockpot or make in the oven with ONE PAN!!! Thats what I been COOKING hahaha. I been making lots of ONE PAN meals.


Chicken Thigh with potato and carrots


Honey garlic BBQ chicken drums



The weather here has been so HOT!! I am so ready for FALL WEATHER !! I love everything FALL!! Weather, colors, and the FOOD!!  Fall is when I break out all the soups and my CROCKPOT!!  I love making soups during Fall because it keeps my house warm and SMELLING delicious!!!

Last week I started pulling out SOME OF my FALL DECOR!!

While shopping at Trader Joe’s last week..I wanted to grab everything that they had!! Oh …MY!! Pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin EVERYWHERE!!! So far…EVERYTHING that I have brought..I loved!!


These are so addictive!! I think I ate like 5 bags already!! I need to go back and grab some more before they discontinued them!!


With October just a few days away…I am gonna be making my OCTOBER 31 days treat again…So…everyday you will see a post of something FUN or Festivities for the FALL or HALLOWEEN. Its so funny that my oldest daughter is not such a FAN of HALLOWEEN but I love that HOLIDAY…not much for the costumes BUT FOR THE FALL FUN FOODS and TREATS. SO stay TUNE for my OCTOBER 31 day TREAT POST!!!


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