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I have always had a PASSION for cooking. I am hoping that through my blog I can bring that passion from my kitchen to yours.

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Creamy Garlic Shrimp Alfredo Pasta

My kids FAVORITE pasta dish HAS to be the ALFREDO pasta!! I make this pasta dish at least once a week for them. Everytime I make it...I always add something different...sometimes I would add broccoli and chicken...or shrimp and peas or just have it plain and serve it...

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Chicken Lettuce Wrap

Everytime we go eat at PF Chang or some other Chinese Restaurant...we usually order the chicken lettuce wrap if its on the MENU. This meal is a great way to add VEGGIES to your kids meal. My kids LOVE it!!!  When I make this recipe...I always buy whole chicken breast...

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Lunch Bag Talk

LUNCH BAG So many of you been asking me about the different LUNCH BAGS that I used for my KIDS and MYSELF ...I used to buy Vera Bradley lunch bags for the girls but I found while its PRETTY didn't really FIT much in them and IT can be PRETTY PRICEY. So, for the...

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My Favorite Products

See what my favorite products are in my daily life!

Disney Like a Pro!

Disney is a favorite vacation for our family. Take a look at some of our experiences and tips